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June 13, 2024
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General Nuclear Power Corporation Issued a Report: Research Report on the Development Trend of Energy Enterprises under Namibia Vision 2030

WINDHOEK, Namibia, Jan. 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — A report by CSR-China

Recently, China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN), in collaboration with Research 8020, a think tank, issued a report: Research Report on the Development Trend of Energy Enterprises under Namibia Vision 2030. This report is a guide to the decision makers, entrepreneurs and practitioners in the energy industry to align more effectively with the Namibia Vision 2030 and promote the sustainable development of the energy sector.

Namibia Vision 2030  (“the Vision” for short) is a long-term development plan of Namibia aimed at achieving sustainable development, social justice, and economic prosperity. It is also a driving force for stimulating the development of various industries.

 Since 2012, CGN has been investing in and operating the Husab Uranium Mine in Namibia, CGN has established a strong presence in Namibia and leveraged our experience in building, operation and management in the clean energy sector to responsibly engage in uranium mining, working with all parties to achieve harmonious development.

CGN is well aware that the energy industry plays a crucial role as a key driver for achieving Namibia’s sustainable development goals. Based on this, CGN prepared the report: Research Report on the Development Trend of Energy Enterprises under Namibia Vision 2030 after performing prospective studies. With a thorough analysis of the current status of Namibia’s energy industry and a survey of its performance in climate change, natural capital, pollution and waste, environmental opportunities, human capital, and stakeholder opposition, this research has provided readers with a comprehensive perspective, helping them understand the initial progress made by the energy industry of Namibia in its pursuance of sustainable development. In addition, through analysis, the research has identified the significant opportunities and challenges faced by Namibia’s energy industry in the political, economic, and technological contexts, so that readers can assess the pattern of energy development in Namibia more accurately. Meanwhile, this research also pays attention to the latest development trend in Namibia’s energy industry. By delving into the development potential of the energy industry, it provides science-based decision support for energy enterprises, aiming to jointly drive Namibia’s energy industry towards a more sustainable future.

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