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July 18, 2024
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Brain Navi Announces 100th Surgical Procedure Completed Using NaoTrac

HSINCHU, Jan. 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Brain Navi announced the completion of the 100th case utilizing its neurosurgical navigation robot NaoTrac. The 100th case has been performed by Neurosurgery Department Director Dr. Hao-Yu Chuang at Annan Hospital in Tainan, Taiwan.

Brain Navi Completed 100th Surgical Procedure Using NaoTrac

“It is my pleasure to be witnessing this major milestone which shows the continued clinical adoption of NaoTrac surgical navigation robot. I am happy and continue to provide this state-of-the-art surgical technology to my patients,” said Dr. Hao-Yu Chuang. “One of the main benefits compared to other systems is that we can accurately register cranial anatomy in any patient position, including lateral and prone positions.”

Across Taiwan, there have been already several hospitals installed the system. China Medical University Hospital Neurosurgery Department Director Chun-Chung Chen said, “In the past time, we can only treat the ICH blood clot blindly, now we can plan the pathway, check in real time and complete the procedure perfectly.” Another Director Dr. Jeng-Hung Guo said “NaoTrac’s fast registration leads to reduce surgical procedure time and faster patient recoveries. The NaoTrac worked very well for intracerebral hemorrhages cases, especially with hematoma volumes less than 30ml but with severe symptoms and providing an alternative solution to those patients rather than waiting for self-absorption.”

The very first adopter of NaoTrac surgical robot is Hualien Tzu Chi Medical Center that has been using the system for brain surgeries from the very first clinical case on 7th Nov. 2018. Superintendent Dr. Shinn-Zong Lin said “NaoTrac is just what all neurosurgeons want. It can make the doctor’s dream come true and let patients with disability return to life.” Professor Tsung-Lang Chiu published the first medical journal article of NaoTrac and showed the efficacy and economic benefits, he said, “NaoTrac robotic system is very easy to incorporate into our practice and workflow and bring efficiencies to our neurosurgeons and hospitals”.

To avoid long and frustrating registration process, NaoTrac incorporates machine vision technology, and finishes the patient and instrument registrations within 30 seconds to 3 minutes. NaoTrac system has received CE-mark in April 2021 and Taiwan FDA approval in July 2022 and during the initial market release, along with international congresses, Brain Navi has been able to collect valuable feedback from a large number of neurosurgeons, and continue to integrate those ideas into the NaoTrac platform to meet the market needs.

Dr. Jerry Chen, the CEO of Brain Navi stated “We are very pleased by the fact that all these 100 procedures were completed without any complication. 2024 will be the year that marks the beginning of our international expansion as we started collaborating with partners in USA, Europe, Japan, Middle East, Latin America and Malaysia besides Taiwan. And by doing so, we would be able to bring this technology to more hospitals to streamline their OR workflows, and ultimately benefiting more patients.”

About Brain Navi:
Brain Navi Biotechnology, a leading Taiwanese surgical robotic company, specializes in designing and developing innovative navigation and robotic surgery technologies. Their proprietary Surface Mapping Auto-Registration Technology (SMART) represents a significant surgical breakthrough, integrating machine vision, robotics, and artificial recognition for streamlined surgical procedures and real-time imaging, ensuring minimal invasive outcomes. NaoTrac’s swift patient registration, and automatic surgical instrument registration enable surgeons to plan trajectories effortlessly, and the robot ensures precise autonomous navigation towards the desired target.

Brain Navi Biotechnology, a leading Taiwanese surgical robotic company, specializes in designing and developing innovative navigation and robotic surgery technologies.

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