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June 15, 2024
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Sun24 Introduces an Easy Way to Make High Quality Briquettes, Potentially Ending the Production of Charcoal in Africa

Every farmer can now make free char for briquettes from crop waste without special equipment.

TAMPA, Fla., May 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Sun24, an American NGO, has introduced to Africa the top down burn method of making char from crop waste. For the first time, every farmer can easily make and sell high quality briquettes at a lower price than charcoal.

The high cost of making char has limited the production of briquettes. Now with the top down burn method, making char is simple. Make a pile of crop waste (eg, maize stalks or rice straw) and light the top of the pile. When the fire gets low, quench the embers with water to make char. It’s that simple. And almost miraculously, there is no smoke. Watch this striking video: https://youtu.be/YJYDyRkK-Qg .

The char can be made into high quality briquettes with just a small plastic pipe. So all farmers can make good profit making and selling briquettes. Here is a summary of the pipe method: https://bit.ly/BriquettesInstructions.

62 percent of global charcoal is produced in Africa, mostly from forests. And charcoal production in Africa is growing because of increasing urban populations. Very little charcoal is produced sustainably. Charcoal production is a main driver of deforestation in Africa. Deforestation in Africa is happening at four times the global rate with 40,000 square kilometers lost each year.

“We now have an incredible opportunity to end the production and use of charcoal in Africa,” says Kevin McLean, the president of Sun24. “Smallholder farmers can easily be trained on the top down burn method. They can make free char with very little extra work. And they can earn extra income making briquettes from the char and selling the briquettes. While farmers are making money selling briquettes to replace charcoal, they will be greatly reducing climate damage, deforestation and air pollution. Let’s put an end to the filthy production of charcoal in Africa.”

Contact: Kevin McLean, President Sun24, +1 813-505-3340, kmclean56@gmail.com, https://sun24.org

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